No Internet required!

No power supply required!

Various services can be provided with just a single electronic stamp!

A unique “Capacitance Code” is set for each individual C-Stamp. Therefore, each stamp can be identified and authenticated as a unique stamp. No power source is required. By authenticating the “Capacitance Code” of a C-Stamp which may be linked to a certain store where it is used or to a certain location where it is installed, it is possible to  apply them in stamp rallies, and for ticket confirmation for events, at will. By linking with marketing platforms, it is possible to realize the issuing and erasing of electronic coupons and reward points. By linking with financial settlement platforms,it is possible to realize paperless settlements. 

C-Stamp Technology

For conventional electronic stamps, there had been a limit in the amount of electrode arrangement patterns that could be set, and the recognition accuracy of the “Capacitance Code” had been a lingering issue. Our C-Stamp is equipped with a special mechanism that can control the ON/OFF of the current flowing between a human finger and an electrode. In addition, a unique method for controlling detection/non-detection of the electrodes by a smartphone has been developed, allowing a large number of electrode arrangement patterns to be detected without any misrecognition. In addition, forging is difficult. Therefore, it is possible to identify and authenticate different stamps used in different locations in the thousands, and thus it is possible for each store to provide various  services unique to the location.


Reward Point Granting and Removal

(1) Activate a dedicated app on your smartphone or other device.

(2) The service to be awarded is selected by touching with a stamp.

(3) The stamp is applied to your smartphone for applying the service (erasing is also possible).


Electronic Orienteering Control Card

(1) Stamps are set at predetermined checkpoints.

(2) The stamp set at a checkpoint is applied to your smartphone.

(3) The stamp of the checkpoint is added to your smartphone.


Electronic Ticket

(1) Tickets are purchased in advance on the web and an app for handling the tickets is downloaded .

(2) A stamp is applied to your smartphone and authentication is carried out based on the ID from the C-Stamp.

(3)Authentication for  entry permission is performed on the spot.

*No other smartphones can be used for entry.


Electronic Payment

(1) A dedicated application for payments is activated and the payment amount is entered.

(2) The stamp is applied to your smartphone.

(3) The payment amount is deducted from a prepaid card or processed via a registered credit card.


On-Line Shopping

(1) A mail order catalog is touched with a stamp

(2) The stamp is applied to your smartphone.

(3) A window for making purchases is displayed.


Content Display

(1) Materials, picture books, and the like are touched with a stamp

(2) The stamp is applied to your smartphone.

(3) Contents are  displayed on your smartphone.


Stamp of Approval

(1) A stamp is applied to a document that needs to be stamped, such as an approval request sheet.

(2) A stamp of  approval appears on your smartphone screen.



Why not create new and unique user experiences of your own utilizing the electronic stamp?